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It’s a defining moment for young people... that awakens their obligations as a citizen and ultimately works wonders for communities.

Some people will say it can't be that simple; but it is.

When a police officer engages a young person one-on-one in a classroom, rather than on the street, the youngster quickly discards their YouTube tainted attitudes about “the cops” and they discover a path forward they never imagined existed.

For over two decades, the Junior Police Academy has been a gathering place for police officers who understand the importance of reaching out to the next generation of citizens.

It's fair to say the police officers who work with our program are just plain gifted with kids. Each of these officers routinely go to extraordinary lengths to connect with the youth in their community. 



Since our humble beginnings in 1992, the Junior Police Academy has become a leading provider of police programming for youth. Our program materials leverage years of experience and lay the foundation upon which local police can effectively connect with kids.  


This program has never been more urgent or relevant to the problems we face as a nation. School safety, the bond between police officers and citizens, even our national character –  these are the very issues JPA addresses.


Yes, offering an educational program is outside the normal duties of a police officer; however, that is why the program yields such dramatic results. Assuming these additional duties communicates a simple, yet powerful message: “I am here because I care, and because you are important to this community."

An entire generation of young Americans needs to hear those words. The Junior Police Academy is your opportunity to live them.  

It all starts with the youth; that’s why the Junior Police Academy has long term benefits. If you can get the youth to understand and believe in you, you will have better informed adult citizens.
— Chief Tom Clemons