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1009 W. 6th Street, #205
Austin, Texas 78703


Junior Police Academy is built on the powerful idea that when police officers and young people are brought together, great things start to happen! 

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Junior Police Academy

Now in its 20th year, the Junior Police Academy’s impact can be measured across an entire generation of graduating cadets.

Today, there are citizens across the country who better understand their civic responsibilities because of JPA – empowered to contribute to the life of their community and their country in ways that enhance public safety and solve problems.


“Advanced Citizenship“

In this country, we are called to an ‘advanced citizenship’ which can only be realized when young citizens understand that they are stake-holders in our democracy,” said JPA Advisory Council member Chief Tom Clemons.

“The Junior Police Academy often marks the start of a young person actively assuming their lifelong role as informed citizens – extending the program’s true impact far into the future.”


The Junior Police Academy stands on the shoulders of exceptional law enforcement officers at the local level – individuals who bear witness to the power of stepping beyond what is required.

“You will have these cadets in your life and they will they will stay there for a long time after.”
— Chief Tom Clemens

“Teaching JPA is a privilege.”
— Officer Patricia Montemeyer

“The core is for us to be able to connect with these kids, to reach them in a way that can change kid’s lives. ”
— Lt Robert Goetz, Everett PD

“This kind of thing makes school relevant and real.”
— Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

“You build a monument to these kids – one that everybody can see – then you stand back.”
— Officer John Clapp

“The class is absolutely critically in the lives of our young students.”
— Lisa Garcia, Director of Student Services, Kansas City Public School

“Through the JPA I would like to instill all those values in our kids. If we could do this in all of the high schools in the city, we are going to make a difference, and that’s when I realized this program is very important.”
— Col. Ziegler, Kansas City PD

“This one period adds so much to your campus that it’s worth it.”
— Former principal Kimiko Cartwright, Murchison Middle School.

“The JPA is the ultimate environment that define the youth and police officers in our community. You have got to realize how precious you are in the site of your parents, teachers and police officers.”
— Officer Eddy Golden, Everett PD

“I think this is the best thing happening in our school district right now.”
— Officer David Powers, Murchison Middle School, Austin, TX

“JPA has been like another family to me. The amount of trust and friendship can be overwhelming. Every week I look forward to this class and I will always enjoy the memories.”
— Cadet Michael Young