Heart and Soul Leadeship; Imagining Greater Well-Being and Success for Everyone

“The most innovative people among us are breaking from traditional structures to become more flexible, more nurturing, and more collaborative.” ~ John Gerzema There was no discussion about leadership style when I was growing up.

Leadership Manual

The Junior Police Academy Leadership Manual walks you through the steps needed to create a program in your community.

Resilience; Building Blocks for Trauma Recovery

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” ~ Elizabeth Edwards We have arrived at a most exciting time in the course of dealing with childhood

School Safety Summit hosted by the FBI and DOJ

CONFIRMS IMPORTANCE OF SROs AND BUILDING TRUST WITH YOUTH On June 27, the FBI and the Department of Justice hosted the School Safety Summit. The event reviewed best practices and policies for ensuring school safety. 

SWAT: Teamwork and Courage

Det Eric Edson, a veteran of the Sheboygan Police Department, draws upon his years with the SPD’s Emergency Response Team (SWAT) to offer students insights into leadership in life and death situations.  click to open

Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?

To turn the tide, Growing Leaders is working with 5,000 public schools, universities, civic organizations, sports teams and corporations across the country and internationally to help turn young people — particularly those 16 to 24 — into leaders.

The First Cadets.

Phillip LeConte & Kelly LeConte with father Robert LeConte. My name is Phillip LeConte; I am the Executive Director of the Junior Police Academy. Kelly LeConte, my sister, is our Program Director. Twenty years ago,

How ‘No Touch’ Policies Damage Kids

In June 2018 we learned from the Washington Post that pediatrician Dr. Colleen Kraft found conditions at a Mexican border children’s detention center to be a friendly environment where children could be happy and well


JPA Video Channel

JPA’s learning channel takes you behinds the scenes to visit with the innovative instructors who have pioneered the program nationwide.

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