Just for a moment...

...imagine that you are a middle school student. All you know about police comes from YouTube or social media.

A police officer enters your classroom; stands before you and says, "My name is Officer Smith. I am here today because I care about your safety, and because you are important to this community. I’m a police officer and I need your help.”

Friends, it just isn't any more complicated than that.

For over two decades, the Junior Police Academy has supported the efforts of police officers across the country who know first-hand the power of simply reaching out to the young people in their community. 

Take it from me...

Chief Clemons speaks with cadets. 

“Junior Police Academy bridges the tremendous gap between today's youth and law enforcement officers.” stated Chief Thomas Clemons (Seward, Alaska).  “I know from experience, JPA has lasting impact on a youngster’s attitude toward public safety and their role as a citizen.”

Since our humble beginnings in 1992...

...the Junior Police Academy has become a leading provider of police programming for youth. Our program materials leverage years of experience and lay the foundation upon which local police can effectively connect with kids.  

2017 is a critical year for this nation.

There's no getting around it: the sustained anti-cop rhetoric of the past year has taken a toll on officer morale, straining the bonds of trust between police officers and the citizens they serve. 

But we believe the Junior Police Academy has an historic opportunity.

The most pressing and urgent issues of the day...

  • School safety
  • The bond between police officers and citizens
  • Inspiring young people to contribute to the life of their community

...these are at the very heart of JPA's mission.

Working together, police officers and young people hold the power not only to heal our communities, but to make them thrive again. 

Let's get started.

Ready to join our effort?


We're Back

The Junior Police Academy is just now getting back on its feet after experiencing a series of setbacks in 2015. 

Like many other non-profit organizations, we have had to meet many challenges through hard economic times and even tighter budgets for community policing.

Throughout the past several months, the leadership of the JPA has certainly felt a sense of urgency. Never has this program been more relevant to the problems we face as a nation.

For over two decades, the Junior Police Academy has been a gathering place for police officers who go that extra mile for the young people in their community. Within a few minutes, these officers can sweep away years of YouTube-tainted attitudes and awaken a young person's sense of citizenship.  

There is urgent work ahead and we are anxious to get back to it. Thank you for being patient. We will get the program materials out to you as quickly as possible.

For those of you who already have a pending start date in mind, please provide that information and we will make certain to address your needs.

On behalf of the Junior Police Academy staff and its board of directors, thank you.

Phillip LeConte, Executive Director