The Spirit of JPA

For over two decades, the Junior Police Academy has supported the efforts of police officers across the country who know first-hand the power of reaching out to the young people in their community.


Connecting with Kids is designed to change the way young people perceive law enforcement in America!

Discover the Good Character All Around You

American Police Officer is a course in character building from the Junior Police Academy.

Classroom Success for the School Resource Officer

“Classroom Success” is a course for police officers looking to make the transition into the classroom.

Course Brings Motivation Posters to Life!

Each student is assigned to be on the lookout for actions or deeds matching the description of Justice, Diligence, Courage, Generosity, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Wisdom.

Cadet Commencement

Forget “Pomp and Circumstance.” The theme song at one graduation at West Austin’s Murchison Middle School was the theme from the police show “Cops” beginning with the familiar “Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?”

That’s because the students who walked across the state at this May 28 event weren’t seniors. They were cadets from the school’s Junior Police Academy, a national program created to “motivate young people to be outstanding citizens through law enforcement education.”

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Austin City Council

Austin City Council honors Junior Police Academy instructors at council meeting in Austin, Texas. 

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