Classroom Success for the School Resource Officer


Teaching at the middle school level is quite unique. Our students are emotionally aware beyond the elementary years, yet are not ready for the rigors of high school. They are constantly changing, growing, thinking, and questioning. Teachers have the awe-inspiring ability to help them know themselves at a time when it is still “OK” to talk to teachers, ask questions, and share feelings.

“Classroom Success” is a course for police officers looking to make the transition into the classroom and reach kids at a time when the importance of idealism in developing a strong identity cannot be overstated.

Written  by Officer Suzannne D’Ambrose, formerly with the Belmar Police  Department (NJ) and a gifted law enforcement instructor for the Monmouth  County Voc-Tech School, the course is a comprehensive training program  for members of law enforcement agencies interested in working with young  people.

“Basically,  it’s a method of instruction,” explains D’Ambrose. “In short, the  course teaches police officers how to teach. Teaching is completely  different than being a police officer. In police work, you are involved  in one on one or one on two situations, correcting behavior. Teaching is  a whole different ballgame. You are trying to get across information  and you want your audience to be excited about it.”

Longtime JPA Advisory Council member Suzanne D’Ambrose has spent years honing her skills as both an SRO and educator.  In Classroom Success for the School Resource Officer, she has managed to pass that experience on to the next generation of School Resource Officers.

The course only takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete, and is available online free of charge by clicking below.