Emotional Farewell to Officer P.

Officer Patricia Montemayor bid an emotional farewell today to Murchison Middle School’s Junior Police Academy graduating cadets.

Officer P., as she is called by the students, will be leaving Austin I.S.D. Police Department after many years of dedicated service to the city of Austin.

“I will miss my kids. People always think I’m talking about my family and in a way I am,” Officer Montemayor said. “I have come to think of them as my own.”

The sentiments are also widely held among the cadets. The cadets took up a collection and bought Officer P. flowers and signed a poster in appreciation of her service and friendship.

“Murchison has one of the finest programs in the country,” stated Kelly LeConte, JPA Program Director. “That is due to Patricia’s incredible commitment to the program.  She has been a tremendous asset to JPA and we wish her nothing but the best.

Montemayor will continue to serve on the JPA Advisory Board, lending her knowledge and passion as the program continues to grow nationwide.