Cadets Go to Court

Cadets from the Murchison Middle School’s Junior Police Academy toured  the Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Center in downtown Austin this morning.  

The field trip helped cadets visualize and experience an important part of what they had been learning in the classroom.

“It’s important for cadets to see to the criminal justice process in action,” said Phillip LeConte, co-creator of the JPA, who was also on hand to assist Officer Patricia. Montemayor.
Cadets not only experienced live court proceedings, but they were also able meet hear from the Honorable Elisabeth A. Earle who took time answer the cadet’s questions about serving on the bench.
Additionally, the cadets toured the law library of the downtown Austin facility. After the educational portion of this trip was completed, the cadets took the bus to Bartholomew Park in Austin for outdoor activities.  


Judge Elisabeth A. Earle addresses visiting cadets from the Murchison Middle School’s Junior Police Academy.